New Book Pic
New Book Pic

Many congratulations on your book Journey with Grace.


I thought it was brilliant and I appreciate the amount of work that has been put into producing it. It is a beautiful book that really touched me, I amazed myself at how much I was writing in my journal.


I would love to meet you one day to discuss your book as there is too much to put in an email. I having read your book I have been telling everyone about it and how good you feel after reading it. 


We have already created a ripple effect; you published my book and I am receiving photographs of toddlers reading it all over the country. 


I think you should open the champagne – for a real celebration!


Marion Hubbard

‘Thank you for this book Sarah. 

I suspect I will find some jewels meant for me in the Gracelets and Ripples….silences between the words….

Such a good idea makes the book so much more accessible. Like the layout a lot.‘